About Us

   At Davoy, we are fervently dedicated to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive in the digital era, unshackling their latent potential and reaching unparalleled heights. We are more than just a consultancy; we are partners on your digital transformation journey. Our purpose is not merely to help you survive the rapid, sometimes tumultuous changes of the business world, but to position you as a trendsetter, paving the way for new industry standards.

   Our bespoke service offerings are a testament to our commitment to your unique needs. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence Consulting, providing expert guidance to help you infuse intelligence into your operations and drive growth. As Data Enablers, we guide you in transforming the vast amounts of data you generate into valuable insights that fuel strategic decision-making.

What We Do


Enabling business excellence through comprehensive consulting, advanced architecture, expert development & implementation, and empowering data literacy training.

AI Consultant

  • Design Thinking & Business Process Analysis
  • AI Recommendation & Implementation
  • AI Policy & AI Ethics
  • Change Managemant

Data Enabler

  • Data Platform & Data Consultant
  • Data Pipeline & Architecture
  • Dashboard & Data Visualization

Technology Workshop

  • Impactful Data & AI for Business
  • Dashboard in One Day (Tableau / Power BI)
  • Automate work with Python

What We Do


Embracing the future by harnessing the power of our comprehensive tech toolkit and its role in architecting a resilient and innovative digital landscape for tomorrow’s business challenges.

Data Stack

AI For Business Landscape