What is Consumer Journey & Marketing Funnel

Not all people will purchase once they see the product, this blog explains how consumer journey through the purchase decision. Consumer will need to go through ‘Consumer Journey’ which starts from awareness to purchase (or after purchases). There are various models to explain this but this blog will use one example called AIDA(s).

  1. Awareness is the first step to aware that this product or service exists. This might happen through advertising or somehow see the product when browsing through supermarket, etc.
  2. Interest is when the consumers started to have interest in the product or service. They might search for more information in this stage.
  3. Desire is when the consumer realized their needs or wants toward the product or service.
  4. Action is the actual purchase of the product either online or offline.
  5. Satisfaction (in some model) is the after-sales step. This refers to consumers satisfaction after their purchase the product. It could be seen as after-sales service or product recommendation also.

There are various models for this consumer journey. However, the major steps are similar. We could also use this consumer journey to frame our Marketing Funnel by seeing how many percentage of our customers are in each step of consumer journey. Marketers can use this information to improve their marketing plan on which step they need to work on more.

This example below shows the result from marketing research survey of online shopping platforms in Thailand. It might not exactly worded as AIDAS but the model is very similar. We could see that Shopee had highest awareness of 96% but when it comes to actual purchase, Lazada scored higher at 64%. This indicated that Shopee should focus more on how to convert from Browse to Purchase Step (such as giving more coupon code, free shipping, etc.) while Lazada should focus on how to get more awareness of their product by doing more advertising.


Nonetheless, with the Digital Disruption concept, this funnel is no longer need to be step-by-step from AIDAS but could skip from Awareness to Browse or Satisfaction before purchase according to this McKinsey research chart depicted below. They suggested that the consumer journey is a continuous cycle instead of one-way journey from Awareness to Satisfaction.

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