Empower your business and drive success through the strategic implementation and profound insights of data analytics.

What We Do


Enabling business excellence through comprehensive consulting, advanced architecture, expert development & implementation, and empowering data literacy training.

AI Consultant

  • Design Thinking & Business Process Analysis
  • AI Recommendation & Implementation
  • AI Policy & AI Ethics
  • Change Managemant

Data Enabler

  • Data Platform & Data Consultant
  • Data Pipeline & Architecture
  • Dashboard & Data Visualization

Technology Workshop

  • Impactful Data & AI for Business
  • Dashboard in One Day (Tableau / Power BI)
  • Automate work with Python

What We Do


Discover our unique blend of innovation and insight, transforming challenges into opportunities. Our success stories highlight our dedication and tailored solutions that drive growth and success.

Revolutionizing Accounting
Data Management

Transformation in accounting data management, handling complex data pertaining to billing, planning, expenses, and cash flow. With our innovative approach of smoothly exporting data from various systems to OneDrive and leveraging Power BI and Excel templates, we've significantly enhanced financial transparency. Notably, our use of Power BI's flexibility and R language for custom visuals has precisely addressed our clients' unique needs. Moreover, our solution has expedited their work processes by eliminating manual data input, further emphasizing the success and efficiency.

Sales and Marketing Analytics Automation

At Davoy, we've successfully has developed a revolutionary automated reporting process for marketing purposes. The integration of data from multiple social media applications and e-commerce platforms via API provides businesses with a comprehensive view of customer behavior and trends. This allows businesses to tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. The automation of refreshing and transforming data process enables clients to get updated on their order status and receive insights and daily updates on sales, marketing performance, as well as their escrow amount.

Driving Performance in Refinery Operations

We've revolutionized refinery operations with our custom-designed dashboards. Leveraging our expertise in data analysis, we've provided in-depth insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) of refinery processes. Our tailored dashboards have enabled clients in the refinery industry to monitor their KPIs effectively, promoting operational excellence and proactive decision-making. This strategic integration of technology has optimized refinery performance, exemplifying our commitment to innovation and success.

Unleashing AI for Enhanced Business Operations

Our journey at Davoy has been marked by transforming businesses through the power of AI automation. We've successfully analyzed and identified key areas in our clients' operations where AI could introduce efficiency. Our tailored AI tools have automated repetitive tasks, optimized resource usage, and minimized errors, leading to a significant reduction in operational costs and increased productivity for our clients. This seamless transition to AI-powered operations, supported by our expert team, has enhanced their operational efficiency, testifying to our successful implementation of AI solutions.


Partners in Success: Meet Our Valued Clients

At Davoy, we are proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients across industries. Our commitment to delivering innovative data analytics solutions has enabled each of them to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve their goals.

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