Analytics Case Study: (XZL) Plywood

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This is Part 2 series of different types of analytics
Check out of Part 1 if you haven’t done so!


In this series, we are going to analyze one of our client’s existing software and system, discuss what are the issues and how we provide our client useful information and more importantly making full use of the data so as to make better business decisions.

Picture by XZL Plywood Company Limited

Background of the Company:


XZL Plywood Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of quality compass plywood sheets. ISO certified production, research and development of plywood sheet to serve various purpose being functional & aesthetic furniture / piece of art.

Current Issues/ problem faced by client:


Our client currently using ERP/Accounting Program. These program are operational however they are not specialized for Data Analytics moreover, data generated by these program/software usually serve it’s general purpose and not specific for your business problem. Hence, one of the reason why many businesses hire specialized Data analyst or consult a analytics provider/consultant to seek refinement and understanding of their data.

Picture from Power BI – Integration of various sources of data and department

Understanding client’s requirement / needs of the business & Exploring solutions:


There are many steps and tedious process of understanding the requirement of the business. The general basis of consultancy to our client focuses on understanding their business nature, what are their needs, what software they are using, identify the data problems and what do they want to achieve.

There are many ways to a solution but we always try to achieve the maximum and the best to our clients. Sometimes it involve trial and error as there’s no magical solution to every business problem. We seek, understand and learn along to fine tune our solutions for our clients.

Picture from Power BI – Accounts Receivable analyzation (Client’s Company are masked for competitive reasons)

“Data is broken down into finer details for precision and quick decision making”

Client’s specification and our added customization inputs from a business point of view


Picture from Power BI – Infographic of Cost analysis – Providing each cost breakdown at each department for better cost effectiveness

Educating client and how we provide solutions , adding value to business:


What we specifically done for this client is download the data from the particular accounting software they are using, not only we analyze their data, we clean up the data, provide a form of data security and into a cloud server where they can access it on the fly. Providing security and convenience to all the stakeholder in the client’s organization. As you can see above, the visualization is broken down into finer details where each department can analysis cost saving measures and overall performance. This interactive data can also be automated reporting to relevant stakeholder with the convenience of your mobile/web version.

Review / Conclusion:


The end results? In short, Better visualization of Data and overall clearer overview. With different customization, each level of department can seek and sort out information related to their specific target and needs. Depending on our clients we also automate the whole reporting system where live Data can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly, thus reacting with strategies better. You might ask, only automate reports? Definitely not, depending on your requirement we can custom the platform to integrate with your system and having an interactive data not only to specific but also slicing and dicing where each detail of the data can be scrutinized.


We are Davoy, realize your Data potential today.

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