The future of Data Analytics in Singapore

We are know that Data has been identified as an important sector of growth and an important constraint that enables businesses to improve productivity, competitiveness and growth as Singapore moves to become a Smart Nation. 

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Ways to retain your customer..

Getting customer is as difficult as retaining them. How can you stand out and compete with the ever intense competition and increasing globalization? Many will agree that effective customer retention strategy is becoming increasingly important. Hence our focus on this blog.

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Does Analytics impact your business decision?

If you want to remain competitive in this digital age, most businesses know that, today, data analytics is the core of business decisions. As technology continues to become part of every aspect of businesses, the data is being leveraged more than ever to bring agility by simulating and exploring different scenarios based on their success potentials.

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Starting a Data-driven Culture

Shift to a strictly data-driven culture for an organization is as much more about it’s people than as it is about technology. This must be laid on the principals of empowerment, environment, tools, metrics, and processes.

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Sentiment Analysis Case Study:

This is Part 2 of the blog as we learn and explore more about social media and sentiment analytics and how they are crucial to your business to seek feedback and gain insights on your brand or product. In this case study we analyze Singapore Top Brand and the World’s Best Airline

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Why you should Migrate Excel to modern BI tool

Do you know other Business Intelligence tools offers powerful analytics and reporting features for organizations that Excel doesn’t? Explore more as we share Top 10 reasons (+1 bonus reason) why you should adopt a BI tool today!

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Power BI vs Tableau Buying guide

Do you know the differences in licensing type for each tools?
Today we are going to explore these licensing type and show you how you can save cost by choosing the right type for your business!

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Analytics Case Study: (XZL) Plywood

In this series, we are going to analyze one of our client’s existing software and system, discuss what are the issues and how we provide our client useful information and more importantly making full use of the data to make better business decisions.

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Understanding different types of Analytics

Data is a valuable resource to your company in making the right decision at the right time giving you the edge among your competitors. Find out how different type of analytic help you in your business

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Why should you do NPS survey?

Customers have access to various choices of products and services in the market. what customers dislike about your brand? what should be focused to retain your customer, and what can make customer happy enough to promote your products and services to their friends and family or even online? Click to find out more!

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Start your Data Analytics Journey…

Get up to 80% subsidy when you digitalize your Data with us. Contact us now!

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Creating aesthetic dashboard for visualization

We design dashboard for visualization to better capture your audience and impacting your business in a different way.

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Power BI vs Tableau vs Google Data Studio (in 2021)

Have you wonder which Business Intelligence tool is the best for your organization? There are many BI Tools out there for you to choose from.

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Maslow of Data Analytics

If you are wondering how to start your Data Analytics Journey, would like to present you Maslow Hierarchy of Data Analytics.

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What is Consumer Journey & Marketing Funnel

Not all people will purchase once they see the product, this blog explains how consumer journey through the purchase decision

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Likert Scale : From 1-5, how much would your rate…?

In questionnaires, it is very common to see the questionnaire asking you “From 1 to 5, how much would you rate…?” (1 is totally negative and 5 is totally positive or vice versa). 

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Thailand’s PDPA Law Highlights

Thailand PDPA Law was enacted in May 2019 and is going to be effective on 27 May 2020. Here are some key highlights from the EDTA workshop.

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What is Business Dashboard and how we should do it?

So-called ‘Dashboards’ are heard in our analytics driven world but what exactly is dashboard and why we should do it?

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Data Visualization Techniques

The easiest way to explain your data to someone else is actually to visualize it. Data Visualization could be considered as story-telling or how to tell your story to your audiences or as analysis tool to make you understand your data better.

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Segmentation by Analytics

Segmentation is to split the market into different groups – each group with similar characteristics. Why do we do this? Because, STP or Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning will help the company select the right segment to target with right positioning.

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