Tableau 101: advanced analytics function you didn’t know about.

This is a new series of Tableau 101 where we share analytics function you may or may not know about.

In this series we will touch on:

  • Formatting Workbook
  • Wildcard and Cross Database
  • Data Highlighter

As we want to keep the blog short, easy to understand and giving you the precise information, we don’t want to cramp all the functions in one blog. If you like our content, remember to bookmark our page for more content like this!

Formatting Workbook:

Tableau workbook formatting feature allow users easily apply their own personal style across an entire workbook with a few clicks. Want to express yourself with color font? One click and it’s done across every part of your workbook. You can easily undo your changes and reset to default with a single click to change to your liking!

Wildcard Union and Cross Database:

Instead of being limited to a single data source, you can now join cross departmental data as well as work across multiple Excel workbooks, easily building and adjusting visualizations on the fly to gain insights across the organization

Data Highlighter:

Time consuming for Data exploration? This function lets you search and visually locate specific data you want in double quick time and it does it without changing the context of the data. You can also use it for ad hoc comparisons to help spot insights. Use it across dashboards, actions, worksheets, and filters. 

Stay tune for more!

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