Power BI 101: Exploring advanced analytics function.

This is a new series of Power BI 101 where we explore new analytics function you may not know about!

In this series we will touch on:

  • Custom date formatting in modelling view
  • Buttons
  • Slicer

As we want to keep the blog short, easy to understand and giving you the precise information, we don’t want to cramp all the functions in one blog. If you like our content, remember to bookmark our page for more content like this!

Custom date formatting in modelling view

Custom Date Demo

Nail down the nitty gritty details such as time as it is important to tell the specific date or a time frame. You can specific the month, year or even date or all together in different format depending on the region you’re in.


Your Dashboard tells a story. If you have more than one dashboard it is a good idea to include buttons so that your audience can navigate easily and freely we the buttons.

Slice your way

Ditch the traditional way of drop down vertical slicer and instead try out the horizontal orientation to look different from your usual dashboard. Your audience who are new to dashboard will appreciate the simple interface.

If you have tons on filters (for example your customer/ dates etc), you could add the search function. Instead of scrolling to find the specific customer or dates, simply type them!

Stay tune for more!

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