Boost SEO Traffic in 2022!

What is SEO traffic?

SEO = search engine optimization – a collection of technical, on-page, and off-site tactics that can increase a website’s visibility in search. These tactics help websites meet the search algorithm requirements for website performance, high-quality content, and user experience.  

SEO traffic = the number of visitors a website receives as a result of SEO techniques from search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search engine is the main source traffic acquisition

Types of Sources
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Google and its PageRank algorithm dominate the search market, with over 92% of the global market share. Without a search marketing strategy aimed at boosting your rankings in search engine results, your customers won’t be able to find you on search. 

Ways to increase SEO traffic in 2022

Now, here are some tips to increase your SEO traffic:

Location: Focus on your local SEO strategy to help boost rankings in the proximity “Nearby” results. This includes getting your business listed on the top local directories, and review sites. 

Link different pages: Get your business listed on pages that rank on the first page of search results for target search queries. This include Blogs, Local directories, Social media, etc.

Google ads: Try invest in Google Ads to bid for a spot at the top of search engine result pages for your highest converting search queries especially if you’re a small business. 

Reoptimizing new Content: is part of a marketing strategy as blogging is a great way to create content curated for your audience. This is particularly useful since searchers may look for long-tail keywords, such as a question about a problem you solve, and a great blog can answer the inquiry and offer your business as the solution. It can also attract and widen your pool of audience which leads to increase traffic count.

Social Media: we cant stress enough on the trend of social media in the marketing space. Many statistics have shown greatly about social media in building rapport and connection with your audience and boosting your audience and your brand visibility

Technical SEO audits/modifications: on-page and offsite SEO to help boost your rankings in organic search. Example: editing HTML markup for meta and Alt tags, performing keyword research, placing keywords strategically to your web pages, adding internal links, building do-follow backlinks, fixing broken links, and checking CMS/WordPress settings. 

Quality Website improve UX: your website content, speed, user friendliness, interactiveness and overall user experience play an important role because you do not want to drive your traffic away instead make them curious interested in your product/service.

Create Video / Image: A new way to search for any particular product / service are also from images and / or video where your audience are pretty sick of reading webpages. We foresee a strong trend in 2022!

Last but not the least, Tracking your SEO campaign

With all the effort setting up your campaign, the final process is to track your performance and tweak a few keyword to better suit the profile of your demographic.

Google analytics also known as GA, is most used website analytics software for analyzing website traffic and behavior. GA offer reports that measure the amount of traffic you receive from search, which search engines your visitors use, and how well visitors from search convert into leads, sales or even find out which piece of content on your website need additional work to drive conversions. 

Track your SEO results easily with an SEO dashboard. It allows you to see the data that is most important to you from multiple tools or sources combined on one report. So instead of having to navigate to many reports on Google Ads, GA, Google Search Console, or your SEO tools, you can gather all your data from any of these tools into one SEO dashboard. Make your life simpler, leave the reporting to us.

Don’t know where to start? Talk to us for a non obligation session to understand your business better!

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