Analyze your customer through Dashboard

Why should you have a customer dashboard?

A customer dashboard lets you easily gather and visualize customer data from multiple channels for your online store or ecommerce site, so that you can get a better understanding of your customer base, and gain insights into your customers’ expectations.

It allows you to track how your online business or ecommerce store performance and the value of your online marketing efforts for the business. If you’re using multiple marketing channels, you’ll be able to link them to a single dashboard to have all your important KPIs in one report instead of referring to individual platform.

These data allow you to find out who are your important customers, making decisions about your marketing efforts, measure the success of your business, and prevent poor customer satisfaction.

Besides from having all your key performance indicators in one report, a customer dashboard will save you time and resources. Firstly, creating reports on a weekly/monthly basis, for example, will be a breeze because the data will be automatically fetched for you. No more plugging numbers into Excel! Secondly, automation means saving on tedious repetitive man-hour task. All you see is visualization report ready for you to analyze and take action.

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