Case Study: Health detection and prevention through predictive analytics

The Past

Photo by National Cancer Institute,

Does this feel reminisce of the times we visited a doctor?
Big shelves for patient’s data, medical history and visits are recorded manually taking up spaces and risks of patient’s confidential information leak. Doctor assess patient through questions, visual and taking measurements such as blood pressure, stethoscope etc to determine the condition.

The Future

Imagine thousands of patient and crucial information that can be useful for analyzing trends and patterns over huge volumes of patient data that analytics can provide predictive insights that provide benefits from multiple perspectives

Consuming Data for Medical use

Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

For predictive analytics to become reality, a healthcare provider needs:

  • The ability to collect and consolidate high volumes of patient’s data into a properly architected data warehouse. These data sources can include the hospital information system and Electronic Medical Records, the hospital’s Enterprise Resource Planning system, and devices (hospital equipment)
  • A platform for analytics that can scale dynamically to support the volume and movement of data and other required security and regulatory requirements.
  • A means to consume, visualize and analyze the data. The more intuitive and user-friendly the better. It also helps to have views that are tailored for the different roles of people who are using the system such as medical trained profession or a patient.

For example, if patient is overweight, physicians may wish to discuss diet and exercise tips with patients, or they may want to share brochures, referrals, or other helpful resources to prevent overweight related illnesses and life-threatening conditions. On the other-hand, patient with daily sickness such as viral infection can also allow for automation medication prescription where based on high volume of medical records and data put together.

The healthcare industry are rediscovering the use of the data for the modern century, How about yours?

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