Top 10 Reasons why Singapore SMEs use data analytics to make smarter business decisions

There are many reasons more Singapore SMEs are increasingly adopting data analytics. It’s more than just a trend, and data analytics has proven tangible results for those already harnessing it.

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Sentiment Analysis Case Study:

This is Part 2 of the blog as we learn and explore more about social media and sentiment analytics and how they are crucial to your business to seek feedback and gain insights on your brand or product. In this case study we analyze Singapore Top Brand and the World’s Best Airline

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Do you know what are your customer talking about you?

Social media sentiment analytics is a practice where many businesses invest heavily as these data gathered from social network is crucial in analyzing their feelings or emotion on their product. These sentiments can impact businesses on how they can make better product.

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Why you should Migrate Excel to modern BI tool

Do you know other Business Intelligence tools offers powerful analytics and reporting features for organizations that Excel doesn’t? Explore more as we share Top 10 reasons (+1 bonus reason) why you should adopt a BI tool today!

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What exactly is JSON File ?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a standard text-based format that represents structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. It is used for transmitting data in web applications. Find out how JSON file is important to you!

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Creating aesthetic dashboard for visualization

We design dashboard for visualization to better capture your audience and impacting your business in a different way.

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Maslow of Data Analytics

If you are wondering how to start your Data Analytics Journey, would like to present you Maslow Hierarchy of Data Analytics.

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What is Business Dashboard and how we should do it?

So-called ‘Dashboards’ are heard in our analytics driven world but what exactly is dashboard and why we should do it?

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