Case Study: Shopee Business Insights

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Data can help you in many ways in term of determining the leverage points of your online store that can impact you in a positive or negative way. Shopee Business Insights give you this data. Like GA Google Analytics, getting a higher perspective and utilizing data in the right way is as important for eCommerce as your web traffic.
Similarly, GA offer you perspective and insights from your webpage, demographic breakdown and elements. As many business value the importance of data, there are increasing number of individuals that lack the knowledge to harness the potential from your data sources.

Shopee Business Insights

Shopee has allow sellers to display performance dashboard that will give you an overview of how your shop is doing with regard to attaining your business objectives overall. There are also key metrics that can help you determine your top-performing products as well as how to boost your sales for your not so popular product. By doing so, you ensure that your tactics are based on facts and business logic.

There are many metrics in Shopee Business Insights but here are some example you can do with Shopee Business Insights: Identify insights, Interpret trends, Look into your product level data, Have a better understanding of your sales metrics, Check up on your real-time store performance

All these helps you understand your current position compared to your competitors connection in how previous actions impacted traffic and sales. It also anticipate future potential challenges that you may face for your business forecasts.

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