Google Data Studio & Google Analytics; are they the same?

Same same but different?

In short, Google Data Studio and Google Analytics perform analytics into Dashboard however in different function.
Both tools allow you to analyze data independently and are specific in their objective.
So Which tool do i use?

Google Data Studio:

Google Data Studio is an online tool for converting data into customizable informative reports and dashboards. . Google Data Studio is FREE and suitable for individuals or businesses due to It’s easy to use dashboard and reporting tool that allows users to turn data into informative and easy to understand reports through data visualization. It is very helpful for starters and also perhaps good to upgrade from Excel.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. It allows you to create Dashboards within the Google Analytics interface itself. These dashboards are a collection of widgets that give you an overview of whatever reports and metrics about the website.

They let you monitor many variable at once, so you can quickly check the health of your accounts or see correlations between different reports. Dashboards are easy to create, customize and share. They include a default dashboard to get you started so you do not have to build from scratch.


Google Analytics Dashboards have number of limitations which Google Data Studio does not. Due to their flexibility, interactivity and the fact that data from multiple sources can be combined with Google Analytics data, Google Data Studio Reports are a better choice for most organizations, depending on your analytics requirement on Web tracking and traffic information.

If you’re still uncertain about your requirement of Google Analytics and Data Studio, feel free to Consult Us now..

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