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Google Ads Click-Through Rate (CTR)

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Are you paying too much per click? High pay-per-click (PPC), low click-through-rate (CTR) and therefore higher cost per acquisition. As a marketer, wherein the competition is so steep to be on top of the search engine page results, a lower click-through-rate implies lesser traffic, leads or sales.

What is CTR and how’s calculated?

CTR is a metric that measures the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement in percentage.

CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions and then multiplied by 100 to convert the number into a percentage.

How to know a CTR rate is good?

Defining your CTR by industry is important compare your industries and their averages as each industry differs slightly. Your CTR might not be so high but if it’s performing higher than the industry average then it is worth applauding. There are also season where search campaign is higher than the other months such as year end shops tends to be the different from the rest of the months.

A typical good CTR guide would means that your ads campaign is consistently higher than your industry average year long. Well, it’s not the hard rule but it’s the most practical in that aspect.

How do i improve CTR and why is it important?

  • Alpha/Beta testing to optimize your ads campaign
  • Ad/ sitelink extension
  • Beautify/Eye-catching keyword
  • Call to action!
  • Differentiator keyword from your competitor
  • Placing your ad campaigns in front of those you want attention from
  • Target keywords that are not only relevant but also specific used in your industry
  • Tag your competitor in the search engine
  • Understand your customer’s jargon/language
  • URL keyword

The main thing is to think out of the box and be creative as there’s no hard and fast rule to improve CTR. Lastly, find tool that allows you to monitor your ad campaign, check your CTR/CPC and impressions, and enhance the success of your campaign through specific performance suggestions. These include things like adding new keywords, optimizing your ad rotation, and increasing bid adjustments.

It’ll also show you how much resources like time and money these suggestions will save your campaign, so you can maximize your results. Be sure to optimize your pre-click experience eg: relevant keywords, creative, offers, ads and so on.

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