Likert Scale : From 1-5, how much would your rate…?

In questionnaires, it is very common to see the questionnaire asking you “From 1 to 5, how much would you rate…?” (1 is totally negative and 5 is totally positive or vice versa). 

It is very standard for the marketing research survey design. This kind of question is called ‘Likert Scale’ which could be 5-point, 7-point or 9-point scale. It should be odd-number scale as we want to have ‘neutral’ at the middle.

Generally, we could report this in different way such as 
1) Average score – Show overall score for comparison but it could be bias (neutral could be same as extreme negative + extremer positive)
2) Top box – Show how much the absolute positive
3) Top 2 boxes / bottom 2 boxes – Show total positive / negative

There is another method we could visualize this which is called ‘Divergent Bar Chart’ which shows positive and negative score as well as neutral


You can view the interactive visualization at:

The dataset WIKI4HE is from UCI Machine Learning Repository

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