Looker, is it really more than just a BI tool?

What is Looker?

Looker acquired by Google in 2019 now part of GCP is a powerful business intelligence (BI) tool that can help a business develop insightful visualizations. It offers a user-friendly workflow, is completely browser-based (eliminating the need for desktop software), and facilitates dashboard collaboration. Users can create interactive and dynamic dashboards, schedule and automate the distribution of reports, set custom parameters to receive alerts, and utilize embedded analytics.

Is Looker similar to Microsoft Power BI or Tableau ?

Should I user looker then?

If you’re looking for collaborative dashboards, and a single source of truth and customized visuals, Looker might be the best BI platform for you. Being fully browser-based advantages that it cuts down on potential confusion as your team gets up and running, and pricing customized to your company means you get exactly what you need to meet your company’s analytics goals.

However, if you are already into the Microsoft ecosystem, Power BI is your best bet. Introducing yet another software will likely only create confusion for your user and increase costs and delivering extra training for your team.

Lastly, Tableau impressive the visuals are unmistakable. If you want the most elegant visuals and a platform that’s intuitive for analysts and business users alike, you may want to go with Tableau.

Does Looker fit into my analytics ecosystem? Consult us for more detailed explanation!