Data Alerts in Power BI service

Do you know Power BI has a Data Alert function?

How can you do it?

Anyone who has access to the report can add this new alert feature in your report card, turn to active mode and set the condition / threshold in which alert will be sent to your notification center in Power BI and email! Additionally they can personalized the alerts by enabling the alert through the toggle switch.

Going the extra mile by using Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based automation service that enables businesses to create workflows in a simple, drag-and-drop interface – and better yet, it is included with your Office 365 subscription. Flow is ideally suited for automating processes and tasks within and between various services. While there are many services that can be used with Microsoft Flow, we’re going to focus on how we can use it to turn Power BI alerts into actions that will drive your business.

power bi alerts

Power BI alerting function enables individual dashboard users to set alerts and notify themselves when values change, using Power BI alerts with Microsoft Flow enables organizations to create sophisticated workflows that can notify groups of individuals, create tasks and work items, and set conditions to trigger additional actions if thresholds are reached. Using both together can help your users made aware of changes to business data to one where data alerts trigger workflows that can help them quickly take the correct action.

Need help with Microsoft Flow and Data Alert?

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