How to get more customers to spend on your business this holiday season?

Seasonal Sales Patterns | ExportX

Many statistics have shown upward sales trend on year end

It is coming to year-end where people worked hard all year long and looking forward to gathering, reuniting with families and friends. It is usually where the huge sales spike as unsold product from the year are on sale are discounted price so that new product will replace for the upcoming new year. People are more likely to purchase as gifts or sometimes having their year end bonus where common splurging on big ticket items. This is where you can capitalize and gain market share!

How can I gain market share?

Usually in the e-commerce platform where they show business insights and statistics on your performance such as product popularity, sales trend and demographic of your user. If you have more than one e-commerce platform, it will be difficult to you to track your customers and where they are spending on. Knowing your customer and product and how to make them buy from you is not so straightforward to slash price vs your competitors or hype up your marketing program. To target your consumer more efficiently, first you need to know where are most of your customer from and what are they buying.

Advertise effectively..

You are spending huge money on marketing campaign. But do you know where are your advertisement usually go to? Don’t be a victim of poor advertisement where instead of bringing customers, people avoid you totally. Analyze your effectiveness of your marketing campaign and fine tune accordingly. Check with your marketing source to get insights and data so that you can analyze the efficiency of your campaign.

Davoy’ mockup dashboard analysis

Want to get this compiled report for your marketing campaign across many different sources?

With our expertise on tracking and monitoring of your data, leave the time consuming and dirty job to us so that you can focus on your product and customer service. No matter how big (or small) your business is, we provide detailed reports for your campaign and helping you to analyze all of the sources (such as Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Google Ads, Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba, Taobao, ezbuy and many more) in one single report.

We are here to help.. We are Davoy.

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