Have you heard of Voice Analytics?

What does a call center dashboard needs?

What sorts of things do customers call about? Are the service agents doing a good job of answering customer questions and resolving their issues? Are they keeping customers happy or do customers tend to churn after dealing with them? What differentiates the best agents from those that need improvement?

These are frequent questions that a call center usually wants to know. Well, how do you find all these data?

Voice Analytics…

Call Center Performance Dashboard 

Voice analytics can bring insights based on data extracted from calls handled over time. Besides the usual call statistics such as total calls or duration of calls, voice analytics focuses on what’s “inside” the calls: what took place during the conversation. It collects information like the topics being discussed, the sentiment of the customer during the call, or the compliance score of the agent.

Team Lead can view information from an agent perspective in order to check how agents are performing such as different call categories, calls made per category and his or her compliance scores. They can also drill down to the individual call level to surface information pertaining to the call such as the agent name, the duration of that call, the actual transcript of the call along with sentiment score for every sentence, what was the topic discussed and what were the different entities that were referred to within that call.

An important dashboard is viewing data by customer. From this perspective, we can find out information such as what a particular customer has been calling about regardless of the agent, calls made per category and product, sentiment analysis of the customer and key entities that he has been talking about.

Information can be filtered to show data specific to certain products or services, to investigate drivers of high or low sentiment or compliance scores, or to compare performance over different periods of time. Check out our Sentiment Analysis Blog where we discuss about how well you know your customer! Gathering all this data together and applying analytics can produce summaries and trends about your call center performance.

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