Tips for creating a Mobile Dashboard

Thinking how to fit all the visuals in one mobile friendly dashboard?

Choose the important KPI you want to keep …

In a mobile Dashboard, you are restricted to a size that is mobile compatible. While showing all the visuals are not possible, remove the ones that is not important or crucial to the report you are going to show your audience. Not only it improve loading speed but also a clean and intuitive report for your mobile user.

Create separate reports …

Having smaller bite-sized reports allow the visual to fit in the mobile version whilst keeping the visuals at minimum and instead creating additional page / report for other KPI.

Remove texts (Or shorten it) …

The worst thing can could put your audience off is the tiny texts and big visual that do not give user the best representation of your report or even mislead it.

Create Buttons …

Give your user more interaction by having buttons to display certain KPI or specify data they want to see.

Summary …

Those are the considerations you should follow when designing the mobile dashboard reports. When you design your dashboard report consider how you get the data to where your target audience is, which primary questions you will answer on your dashboard, what you can remove on the mobile version, and how you can limit the text on display. Have fun designing!

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