Are you at the risk of Data Breach?

How you can protect your data security?

No matter which sector you are from, big or small companies are at risk of having cybersecurity threats. In recent years, many news have reported of data breach, hackers and cybersecurity issues caused by malicious and criminal attack. The obvious costs incurred to detect and fix the effects of a breach, lost business is potentially the most severe consequence. It is a two way thing where It takes a company effort to defend against cyberattacks. Employees of every organization must realize that they are members of the company, and need to do their part to protect their employer and employer should have proper trainings and infrastructure to safekeep company’s properties.

Employees should adopt the following “safe” practices:

  • Use 2-FA multi factor authentication
  • Use matrix password alpha-numeric-symbols
  • Change password periodically
  • Avoid saving password on public/shared space
  • Connect to safe WI-FI
  • Don’t click suspicious links
  • Avoid using shared thumb drive / hard disk
  • Keep your laptop / company firewall and security up to date
  • Keep notification on for any suspicious attempt activities
  • Don’t cheap out on security software

Employers do consistently update and monitor:

  • Conduct internal audit on your infrastructure
  • Improve overall security like firewall, VPN, routers
  • Connect wisely to your third party, never solely outsource
  • Keep your software up to date
  • Restrict access to who can see your data
  • Employ or hire “hackers” (investigators) to test your company’s infrastructure
  • Provide training and promote culture for employees on safe practices
  • Get certified external tester to certify your process and infrastructure

Consumers wonder how this keeps happening. It would seem like every company should be taking their data security very seriously. After all, a data breach typically costs millions of dollars and tarnishes the company’s reputation.

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