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Being the best technology capital in Asia, not enough SMEs are using technology to their advantage. Microsoft last year revealed that only 9% of local SMEs are using data analytics to forward their business.

Microsoft news

There are many reasons more Singapore SMEs are increasingly adopting data analytics. It’s more than just a trend, and data analytics has proven tangible results for those already harnessing it.

Size of your business does not matter as long as you can benefit from using data analytics to:

  • Understand your business at a glance and see what impacts growth
  • Create a more effective online presence
  • Improve future products
  • Track which products are popular versus which ones aren’t
  • Manage your inventory efficiently and avoid wastage
  • Target the right customers, at the right time, and with the right content
  • Implement targeted marketing campaigns and sales techniques
  • Enhance your decision-making capabilities and take operations to new levels
  • Help lower costs by leveraging on AI, Cloud & Digitalization
  • Grow profits over time over maximizing efficiency and resources

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