The future of Data Analytics in Singapore

We are know that Data has been identified as an important sector of growth and an important constraint that enables businesses to improve productivity, competitiveness and growth as Singapore moves to become a Smart Nation. 

Singapore has seen rapid growth in the data industry, and the need for data management and interpretation has increased the demand for skilled professionals. In the last couple of years, data center operations have grown significantly. 

Singapore has been chosen as one of the destinations to house data by internet giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon. Facebook alone is currently investing $1.4 billion in a 170,000sqm building in Singapore, which is going to be the world’s largest data center under one roof. 

Data analytics services are expected to reach $37 billion by 2022 according to EDB Singapore. Looking at the huge disparity between supply and demand of data analytics professionals, more small and medium enterprise are leveraging on data, IoT, AI & ML.

Data is everywhere, it is the matter of how you gather and utilize them. You could predict the performance of a class of student by exam score and teacher are paying more attention on these data to identify student potentially not doing well. You could also identify why certain day & hour of your business does not perform equally well as compared to your competitors. Hotels for example use data to know their guest’s booking and demographic in order to retain and provide personalize service. Not only for external customer, but also determine how much manpower planning for a particular occupancy rate to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Use your Data wisely. Use Davoy analytics consultancy.

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