What is Business Dashboard and how we should do it?

So-called ‘Dashboards‘ are often heard in our analytics driven world but what exactly is business dashboard and why we should do it?

Regardless of the business functions, chances are that you keep repeating the manual routine process of data to report generation, which is often unproductive and inefficient. 

A typical routine process might look like this: 

1) You extract the data from databases such as SQL or SAP or whatever the company system is.

2) You transform and summarize data in Microsoft Excel with commonly used functions such as Pivot Table or Vlookup. You might need to join the data from different sources into one source as well.

3) You use the data from your Microsoft Excel to generate graphs and reports in Powerpoint. 

4) You present the report to the management.

However you might face these key challenges

  • I need to redo all the steps in all rounds of report
  • Lots of efforts spent doing repeating works
  • I need to redo some steps to drill down data
  • I need to cleanse all the data for everyone who consume my report

With the new Dashboard concept, you can use BI tools such as Power BI or Tableau to create report only once. 

  • The report can be automatically updated when the data is updated
  • Data from different data sources could be joined
  • The dashboard is interactive for drilling down into details 

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